10 फुट के 'कोबरा' को पत्नी की तरह अपने साथ रखता है ये शख्स, और करता भी हे..

You must have heard the stories of rebirth many times. But today we bring you such news that your senses will fly. A boy marched the 10-feet-long cobra and surprised the world.

They both eat together, watch TV, not only where - where this boy lives, there also the cobra remains together. This young man living in Singapore lives with a cobra snake every moment. Both have so much love that they are not even different from each other for a moment.

Not only this, the boy has also married this cobra. But the reason for the marriage is shocking. Actually this boyfriend's girlfriend has died 5 years ago.

Later the young man realized that his girlfriend returned to his life as a cobra. The boy watches with a 10 feet cobra daily, goes to the picnic and carom also plays.