Jitendra से जुड़ी आई इस बेहद दुखद खबर, फैन्स का रो-रोकर हुआ बुरा हाल

The whole woman is accused of such an incident on the occasion of the incident, "During the incident, she was 18 years old and Jitendra was 28 years old. The woman alleged that Ravi Kapoor (Jitendra) had come to her house in January 1971. The woman is a queen in a distant relationship. According to the woman, Jitendra came to the Delhi-based house at that time and she Shimla took to the shooting set of my film

But Jitendra took sexual harassment in the condition of being taken to the hotel. However, the incident happened in the Shimla hotel and during the shooting of which movie, it is not mentioned in the complaint. The woman also told that she remained silent for years due to her parents. But after the death of the parents, he decided to complain. The woman has alleged that during the incident, Jitendra had drunk alcohol.

Jitendra's lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui dismissed this kind of allegation and dismissed it as baseless. He says, "At first, my clients do not particularly consider their relationship with any such event. Even such a 50-year-old unconstitutional and rubbish charges do not consider any ears to be valid, if the woman had any problem then why did not she think of the action of the parent and after 40 years have passed, understand this It is wrong for the wing and the ears to act on it