IPL मैच में हुआ फनी इंसीडेंट, जब अंपायर को गले लगाते नजर आए सुरेश रैना

During the match, this funny moment happened in 9.2 overs. When Jaydev Unadkat's ball hit Suresh Raina on the cover and hit the run for the run.

- On the shot of Raina, the ball went on to Ajinkya Rahane, who was fielding on a straight cover, after which he hit the non striker end.

By seeing Rahane bowling, Raina tried to complete the run fast, although Rahane missed the target due to missed out.

- Suresh Raina, who reached the crease while trying to complete the run faster, could not control his speed and the umpire on the way collided with the eremas.

- The collision of Raina and the umpire resulted in this serious matter being a serious matter. As soon as Raina approached him, he caught the umpire's embrace style. After this there was a wave of laughter on the ground and all started to laugh.