ब्रावो का धोनी को लेकर बड़ा खुलासा, सुनकर पूरी IPL टीम में मची खलबली…

Bravo said that he has not seen any other player inside Mahendra Singh Dhoni till now.

According to Bravo, Dhoni has the ability to win the losing match and he can lose the winning match. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is expert in turning the entire cricket from his mind in the midst of the field and he understands the situation of every player of his team. Bravo said during interaction with the media that Mahendra Singh Dhoni does not let his players' morale fall down.

Bravo said that whenever he gets an opportunity to play with Mahendra Singh Dhoni, he considers himself the most fate and gives his life to live up to the expectations of the people so that he can not forget the mistake of one of his mistakes. Do not have to suffer. According to Bravo, whenever he plays with Dhoni, confidence in him increases.