टायर की दुकान चलाने वाले का बेटा आज IPL में पड़ेगा सब पर भारी..

8 years wandering in Pakistani Refugee Camp 9 years learned in Afghanistan fighting the Gun Culture in Afghanistan. In the middle of the father's tire shop also worked. And now, at the age of 19, with his performance, Hyderabad reached the finals. Rashid Khan Armani, the world's number one T-20 spinner, has been similar to that.

The most important role of three people in this magazine is the Rashid of the city of Jalalabad, 60 km from Kabul. First of his brother Jalil Khan Second, Afghan cricketer celebrity Gul, who runs the academy in his district, The third and biggest role of his U-19 coach Daulat Khan Ahmadjai Daulat is now also the head coach of Afghanistan.