IPL मैच में मयंक मार्कंडे से हुई गलती, सरेआम भड़क गए हार्दिक पंड्या

In the 37th match of IPL 2018, Mumbai Indians defeated Kolkata Knight Riders by 13 runs. In the match, Hardik Pandya gave the all-rounder performance for the Winning team, besides making 35 * and two wickets in the match. Hardik Pandya's displeasure was also seen on a moment during the match. When he got angry at junior cricketer Mayank Markandey Indeed Markandey had left a catch, after which Pandya got angry.

 During the match, this Moment was seen in 5.2 overs. When Rodin Uthappa pulls out of Hardik Pandya's offside off stump ball.

- On the shot of Uthappa, the ball went straight into the hands of Mayank Markandey, who was fielding on the mid-on but Markande could not catch him even after catching a very easy cat.

- The ball fell down after coming into the hands of Mayank. After this there was a heartbreak erupt. He shouted out of anger and said to field well with Mayank.

- His expression looked like he said, 'why bay oy'. Even after this he did not say anything but his displeasure was clearly visible on the face.

This miss-fielding of Markandeya Mumbai was very heavy. Because when Uthappa was caught, he was playing on 4 runs. And after meeting this lifeline, he got out after scoring 54 runs.