'आउट है भई-आउट है'...लेकिन मान नहीं रहा था बैट्समैन, गली क्रिकेट पर ICC ...

This happens often in the cricket matches of Galley Mohalla. The baller says - out ... batsmen say God is not out I'm out. Often these people play the role of third umpire, but this time Pakistan's street cricket dispute increased so that the International Cricket Council had to defend it. A video of Pakistan's street cricket is becoming viral on social media. People are being bullied by seeing this video. This video shows that some boys are playing cricket in the field. Only then the ball tries to go to the wicket oddly after dodging the batsmen. These batsmen deny themselves to be dismissed. These videos became so viral that a person asked the International Cricket Council (ICC) whether this person is out or not

When a cricket fan Hamza asked the ICC whether the batsmen were out or not, then the ICC announced its decision. The ICC said that the batsman is out under Rule 32.1. The ICC said that the batsmen have been dismissed very unfortunately. The ICC has also placed this video on the Social Site Instagram.