एक ही कमरे में रहते थे संजय दत्त,पत्नी ने पकड़ लिया रंगे-हाथ और फिर..

Let me tell you that Sanjay Dutt had around 308 girls with love affair. Actually Sanjay Dutt's biopic film is going to release Sanjay soon, these days the film is very much discussed, this film is about to get rid of some of the secret of Sanjay Dutt, from whom till today you were unknown

For your information, please tell us that there is a list of many actresses in the list of Sanjay Dutt's affair, one of them is Sushmita Sen, tell you that Sushmita Sen and Sanjay Dutt are always together in the hotel rooms Were staying in A report in this regard was also wanted to take interviews of her, but Sajay Dutt did not want to know that anyone and anyone in Sushmita's case knew about it.

Let me tell you that once Sania Dutt's wife Riya had caught these two hands in the hotel room. Later, Riya asked Sanjay to make the whole truth. After which Sanjay did the whole truth. After that apology was also sought.