रामायण के लक्ष्मण अब करते हैं ये काम, जानकर हो जायेंगे हैरान, देखें

Let us tell you that Sunil Lahiri is the name of the actor who played Laxman in Ramayana, the famous show of that period. At that time, seeing the role of Laxman's character on the screen, people felt that they had put a life in this character of Laxman.

Let us tell you that Sunil Lahiri is called as Lakshman even in real life! Sunil Lahiri is very good in real life! He has also acted in drama like Vikram Battalay! But the success that he got from the Ramayana rarely got from any serial!

Sunil, who played Laxman's character, has himself removed himself from this film screen and today, Alam says that today people can not even recognize him after seeing them.