बेटी का करियर संवारने के लिए हर मुमकिन कोशिश में लगे सैफ अली खान

Saif Ali Khan's daughter Sara will soon be seen in the debut film 'Kedarnath' with Sushant Singh Rajput. On Wednesday, Saif went to meet Saif Kedarnath director Abhishek Kapoor. In fact, Saif is worried about Sarah's career and is helping her with every possible help.

Sara's debut film 'Kedarnath' has been in many controversies. There were problems in the film about the budget. Alongside, director Abhishek Kapoor had also charged Crisiar's allegations of irregularity and negligence. The dispute reached the court. For these reasons the film was delayed. Not just Sarah, but Saif was also upset about this. Saif wants the daughter Sarah's career to be launched well. Recently, Saif himself said in an interview that he is fully supporting Sarah on her behalf. Saif admits that he lent his support to Karan Johar. After this Karan got ready to take Sara in his next film 'Simba'