डांस वीडियो शेयर कर फंसी हिना खान, यूजर्स बोले- रमजान में कुछ तो शर्म करो

Hina Khan, who is a contender for 'Bigg Boss 11', is often in the discussion for some reason. This time he is in the limelight because of one of his videos. Actually, Hina has posted on a dance video instagram, in which she looks very gorgeous. In the video, Hina is in black color dress and her waist looks attractive. Some users liked this dance video of Hina, but some users did not like it. The users, while pulling the shank of Hina, said, "The month of Ramadan is something to be ashamed

A user watching Hina's video wrote, 'Do not wear such a dress in the month of Ramzan'. One wrote, 'Hey henna, do not do this dance, Ramzan is going on'.

- Many commentators have given similar comments to Hina as Ramzan and her Muslim.