सौभाग्यशाली होती है महिलाए जिसके शरीर पे ये अंग होते है बड़े..

It has been observed in most Kalyugs that people do not respect women but they are born only from women. It is often seen that men do not respect women, but women in this society are ahead of men so we respect women. Should.

Long-fingered girls do not spend too much, they are very sensitive. They always have doubts in their minds about money that they can never spend money without taking a family

Women who have long nose are very much interested in reading. These women's husband and family are always happy

The length of the neck or the neck of the women who have a neck hole, they have many benefits, they do not lose any expenditure

The girls whose eyes are big, their husbands love them very much

The girls of long hair are extremely fortunate, they bring happiness and prosperity in their home.