लंबे समय बाद वाइफ हेमा मालिनी के साथ स्पॉट हुए धर्मेंद्र

amazing. The pair looks equally beautiful even today. After a long time Handsome Dharmendra and his wife 'Dream Girl' appeared with Hema Malini. This was a special opportunity for fans because both of them were seen together less often. On Sunday, both came together on the Mumbai airport after a long time. Tell that both of them were seen together on the auspicious occasion of director Anil Sharma's film 'Genius' last year. Dharmendra, 82, is still active in films. His upcoming movie 'Yamla, Pagla Deewana again' will be released this year. At the same time, Hema Malini does not have any movie offer at the moment. He was last seen in 'Ek Thi Rani Such too' (2017). However, he keeps doing stage shows of classical dance

Craze was not so much about Narendra's look and neither is it now. Jaya Bachchan once called Dharmendra as Greek God. Tragy King Dilip Kumar had told that when he first saw Dharmendra, he kept watching.