अभी अभी इस दिग्गज बॉलीवुड स्टार ने ली अंतिम सास, पूरा बॉलीवुड रो पड़ा

Hemu's senior artist of Marathi theater has passed away. Hemu was 81 years old and he also had many small but strong tracks in Bollywood films. Of these, 'Lage Raho Munnabhai' was also featured in his role. The Hemu official played the role of retired teacher in this film. The reason for the death of Hemu official was not known yet. However, it has been revealed that he was ill for the last one and a half years. The family has Hemu's wife, two daughters and a son. The Hemu official has worked in many Bollywood and Marathi films.

Sad news is coming from Bollywood and Marathi theater. Senior actor Hemu official died on Monday. The Hemu officials were 81 years old, who were well-known names in Marathi theater. He left his mark in many superhit Bollywood films too. Hemu official acted in 45 drama and seven television serials of Marathi and Hindi. He had a deep connection with the theater