इस लड़की ने बर्बाद कर दी कपिल शर्मा की जिंदगी..

It is being reported that, like his old habits, Kapil also made Rani Mukherjee wait for about 2 hours for the promotion of the movie 'Hichki' and later canceled the shoot. After this, the channel also reprimanded Kapil. There are reports on the other side that when Kapil did not come for the shoot, he was called several times, but his phone was locked.

But after that Kapil's girlfriends Ginni Chatrath was called, it was known that Kapil was there and talked to him, Kapil was asked what happened when he said, 'Nothing just does not live'. Kapil's close friends believe that he can not remove them from his mind. He is harming both his life and his career. Kapil has been quite explained that you focus on your work. This will help you get out of depression. Because they want their closest kapil to come out of it at any cost.