बीच क्रीज में गिरा पड़ा था बैट्समैन, फिर जो हुआ..

In the 35th match of IPL 2018, Chennai Super Kings defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore by 6 wickets. There was also a funny incident in the match on Saturday, when a batsman was not out in the middle of the pitch. The incident occurred in the last over during Bangalore's innings. When Tim Saudi and Mo. Siraj was batting, while Ball Dwayne Bravo was there.

During Bangalore's innings, Dwayne Bravo bowled the last over from Chennai. The second ball of this over, he got the Yorker Dali, who went on to the short fine leg, taking the inner side of Tim Southee's bat at the crease.

- After shooting the shot, Tim Southee went a bit further to take the run, but looking at the angle at the fielding position, he returned inside the crease again. However, the non striker stood at the stand until Siraj beach had come up to the pitch.

After Siri's refusal, Siraj also turned back to return but his foot slipped and he fell down there. By then, Angie picked up the ball and threw Bravo's throw.