विराट कोहली ने कहा, वह पिता जरूर बनेंगे मगर एक शर्त पर

This is their condition

Virat replied that, 'After Anushka married her life has changed quite a lot. I have felt a lot in the last few years. Anushka is quite a religious person, we both are on a new journey together. ' Not only this, Virat made his first exposure to becoming a father for the first time. They said, 'I have a wife, there is a family, and in this way our children will definitely be.' I will give them my full time. I would not want to bring my professional life inside the house. When our children are getting older, then my trilogy, my achievements will keep them all out of the house

Significantly, a few days ago, Virat had openly admitted that he is the captain on the field but when the captain goes home, the responsibility of the captaincy comes in the hands of Anushka Sharma. He takes all serious decisions related to life.