ये क्या! जमीन से निकल रही गैस, एक परिवार लूट रहा मजे

Let me tell you that this ground gas is coming out from Borewell of a family of Mado village under Damoh in Madhya Pradesh. This family is cooking their food for the last 3 years on this gas from the borewell. Hence, this family does not have to spend a single penny for cylinders or fuel. Describing this, Durga Singh Lodhi resident of this village said that he had made bore well in his farm a few years ago. For a while, Borwell gave water, but after that there was no water coming from there.

One day when his boyfriend reached the farm, he heard some voice from Boreval. He saw some strange smell. Later it was discovered that it is the smell of LPG gas.

After this, the younger son of Durga Singh Lodhi stopped the pits and put a small pipe groove in the clue. This line he spent about 15 ft away, so put a stove on the other end of the tube.

Since then, Durga Singh Lodhi's family has been making its food from that gas. This family has put a button to turn the gas on and off so that unnecessary gas is not wasted. Now the family does not buy fuel or cylinders, but instead of the ground gas from the stove makes their food.