मुलायम सिहं यादव की ‘बेटी’ का हुआ निधन, अब क्या होगा मुलायम सिहं का..

It is to be mentioned that the member of the former Block Head and Women's Commission is said to be the real sister of Basmati Cole Hardcore Naxalite Debavrat Cole. At the same time, the SP has also selected Basmati as a member of the Women's Commission. Because of which Mulayam Singh Yadav has regarded them as his knock-on daughter. It is said that Mulayam had adopted his lap. The biggest reason for their adoption was that they had accepted them as their daughter in the election meeting to reduce Naxalism. After which, it was also chosen by the Akhilesh Government, a member of the Women's Commission.

According to the news, Basmati Kaul knew everything about the forest of Gadha, he knew about the rocks of the forest and when he stepped into politics, the Naxalite activities in Naugad area became a big deal was.