यहां उल्टी दिशा में चलती है घडिय़ां, जानिए क्या है वजह

All the world's movements revolve in one direction. All of us have seen the need for all the shops from the left to the right and the left. But today we are giving you information about the village of India, where the walks revolve in the opposite direction. Yes, you probably do not believe this, but this is true.

If you look at the homes of Gond tribal families here, you will be able to move the shops in the opposite direction. It is not a matter of today, but these people have been using anti-clockwise direction of procurement from the very old time.

Let us know that there are about 10,000 families in this area and these people use only the clock clocks in anti clockwise direction. About 32 other communities are associated with tribal society here and all these people use reverse walking.