सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने श्रीदेवी की मौत के मामले में जांच की मांग करती याचिका ठ...

The Supreme Court has rejected the petition seeking a probe in the case of Sridevi's death on Friday. This petition was filed by filmmaker Sunil. Sunil had alleged that Sridevi's death in Dubai was in suspicious circumstances. It should be investigated. The Supreme Court said that we can not interfere in this matter because the investigations of this incident have already been done by officials of India and Dubai. Earlier, the court had rejected two petitions related to Sridevi's death.

Sunil Singh had filed a petition in the Delhi High Court seeking an inquiry into the death of Sridevi in ​​March. The High Court dismissed the petition After this he had petitioned the Supreme Court.

- Singh had said that when Sridevi died on February 24, he was also in Dubai. After Sridevi's death, Sunil had claimed that the information he gave to him by the hotel staff was very different from the family statement given in the media. Therefore, on the basis of suspicion, they petitioned for investigation.