बॉलीवुड के इस खान को लेकर आई बेहद ही दुखद खबर, सुनकर सदमे में आया बॉलीवुड

Actually we are talking about Actor Kamal Rashid Khan is fighting a stomach cancer. Explain that Kamal Khan has reached the third stage of the fatal disease like cancer. The kerke has been tweeted by the official Twitter handle of the box office. A press note has also been attached to this tweet.

In the Attach Press note in the tweet, "It is now confirmed that I have stomach cancer which has reached its third stage. As far as I think, maybe I will live for 1 or 2 years. Now I will not call anyone's phone, I do not want to give anybody the chance to tell me that I will go away from this world very soon. Neither should I have anybody's sympathy for a couple days.

I will respect those who will still commit abuses, hate me. He further wrote that I am sad about my two wishes only, firstly, that I wanted to make a A grade film as a producer. The second wish is that I wanted to work with Amitabh Bachchan or wanted to produce a movie for him.