नेहा की शादी से पहले प्रेग्नेंसी की खबरों पर पहली बार पति अंगद बेदी ने क...

Neha Dhupia's marriage has been 20 days. But still in the mind of the people, the question remains that why did they get married in such a hurry? Did they become pregnant, who had to take this decision suddenly? Now in this case, Neha's husband, Angad Bedi, gave the statement. Angad said during a press conference, "The news of Neha's pregnancy is absolutely false. Whenever we are planning a family, I will first tell the media about it." Angad said that he has many important things to deal with. These include shifting to a new home and focusing on work schedules.

 Papa Pradeep Dhupia of Neha Dhupia told the news of daughter's pregnancy wrong. When asked if Neha married hastily due to pregnancy, his answer was, "No ... no ... there is no such thing at all." Because both of them got married early, so people like that They are going to understand, speaking and speaking whatever they say.