प्लेआफ में जगह बनाने उतरेगी पंजाब.. कोहली और गेल आमने सामने

It is difficult for the Punjab, captained by Ravichandran Ashwin, that he has lost two consecutive matches and now the pressure is going on for him to remain in the tournament. On the other hand, Bangalore, with the captain of Virat Kohli, could spoil the game of the other teams.

Punjab's batting is mostly dependent on Lokesh Rahul and Chris Gayle who have scored 537 and 332 runs respectively. However, the batting of the team in the middle is a matter of concern.

In bowling, Andrew Tie and Mujib ur Rahaman have taken 20 and 14 wickets respectively. But in front of Bangalore's strong batting, the bowlers of Punjab will be very excited to sweat.