क्रिस गेल ने अपनी ईमानदारी से जीत लिया धोनी समेत सभी का दिल

In this collision with the Chennai Super Kings, Punjab needed to win by 53 runs to reach the playoffs. But Punjab's team could set a target of just 153 runs from Chennai. In the first over, Punjab scored only seven runs. Chris Gayle came on strike in the second over. On the second ball of the over, a ball from Lungi Angadi was out in the hands of wicketkeeper Mahendra Singh Dhoni. A slight appeal came out of the catch which the umpire refused. But before the opposition team could think of the DRS, Chris walked towards the dongout

Because of this, from the commentators on the field to social media, fans are fond of praising Chris Gayle's honesty. Someone described it as an example of game spirit, so someone wrote that Chris Gayle has won you heart. What Chris Gayle did is hardly any player done till now