कभी करता था कपड़े सिलने का काम, आज बन चुका है बॉलीवुड स्टार

There is one artist present in this industry in today's time but there was a time when one of the most famous stars in the industry was selected, one of the most dangerous actors of Bollywood who was considered as his name was Shakti Kapoor. Yes, today we are going to tell you something about Shakti Kapoor that you may not know. Let's say that Shakti Kapoor is an artist who achieved anything in Bollywood only on her own. First of all tell you that Shakti Kapoor had a birth in Delhi and her father was a tailor from the profession.

Because of this, Shakti Kapoor's childhood too was very normal, he used to help his father at times, but he did not share his work, but his real hobby was different because of which he left his family and moved to Mumbai. Here Sunil Dutt launches his movie in Rocki, where he played the role of a villain.

Passion power of acting was such a shadow over Kapoor that he left everything for acting and attracted the people with his artwork.