राशिद खान ने किया ख़ुलासा, इस भारयीय क्रिकेटर की पत्नी को करते है बेहद पसंद

We all know that millions of Bollywood film actress Katrina Kaif are going to give this.This people want to know everything about Katrina Kaif.But here Katrina Kaif is asking Rashid Khan.Red FM RJ Nand Kishore has told Rashid Khan It is said that Katrina Kaif is asking you.

Bairagi said that you have such lovely eyes that Katrina Kaif has said three times that, Hi! Rashid said. We said that we are in the washroom and are coming. Rashid Khan only laughed at this question laughing.

We all know that many millions of cricketer Rashid Khan is also crazy. The lady keeps sending letters to Rashid Khan. A girl, Haleel Chumri, has said so until the cricketer raises the cup after winning.

Rashid Khan said that this question asked the organizers. However, Rashid Khan said that whatever he got, he would pick him up and run away.