ऑपरेशन टेबल पर पड़ा था मरीज, बगल में डांस करती रही सर्जन फिर हुआ ऐसा..

People give life to God-saving doctors, but a video of a well-known Atlanta doctor has surfaced, which is staging everyone. In the video, a female surgeon named Dr. Windle is dancing in front of unconscious patients. Vinail himself posted this video on social media

After coming to the front of this video, a number of cases have been registered on doctor windy after one. He has been arrested. Among the cases, one is the former patient of this doctor whose brain dies. He came to the surgeon to get Fat Removal surgery.

 According to Doctor Windel Davis's website, he is a great, caring and artistic surgeon, but after coming to the fore, many of his former patients have called him mad. A professional said, I thought that he did my operation brutally, neither he was instrumental in the method and neither the staff of the method. Another person wrote - 'he does not have to undergo surgery