रिवील हुआ सोनम कपूर का प्री-वेडिंग वर्कआउट और डाइट प्लान

Talking about Sonam's pre-wedding workout routine, Radhika said, "Sonam and I had made some special plans with Exercise, which they are following for a whole month. They exercise 45 minutes of Pilates and 45 minutes of cardio exercises. During this time we had cut weight training. We did this so that there is no harm to Sonam. We did not want any complications during the wedding. "

Radhika told that at this time, Sonam is focusing more on Pilates, this makes the muscles stronger and the flexibility increases. It holds the balance to the body and gets energy from it. They are also doing lots of running to keep energy and stress free.

Breakfast- Avocado and Toast, Fresh Fruits and Fruts Juice

Lunch- Dal-rice and protein-rich vegetable

Dinner - Salad, Grilled Vegetable, Fish They dine at 6 o'clock. If they are hungry again they can take vegetable soup and juice.