सिर्फ आधे ग्लास पानी में बाइक, स्कूटर और पूरी कार नए जैसी चमक उठेगी

Bike, scooter and car are the essential part of Daily Life. Whether to go to office or market, they always have the need. The more use they have, the more filthy are also there. Especially, when the car gets filthy, it needs more water to wash it. This is also a waste of water. However, there is a solution that allows the whole car to be cleaned with just half a glass of water.

 This solution is called Waterless Car Wash Kit. It makes many Chinese companies.

- With the help of this solution, the matralic part of any car, bike or scooter can be shined. Also, the other parts are easily cleaned from this.