श्रीदेवी के जाने से रूक गई है हमारी लाइफ - बोले हसबैंड बोनी कपूर

Bollywood actress Sridevi died on February 24 this year. Sridevi's family is still unable to recover from her death. After the arrival of Sridevi, Husband Boney Kapoor gave his first interview and explained how his life has changed completely after the departure of Wife Sridevi. He said, the biggest responsibility he has over Sridevi after his departure is that he has two daughters Jahnavi and Happiness. They are now trying to be both parents for daughters.

Boney said in an interview to an Entertainment Portal, "Sridevi suddenly came away from the world. Since their departure, the time has come a long way. His life has stopped stopping Sridevi.

They said that there are many things that we both could not say to each other. - Bonnie said - however, now they are trying to get their life back on track. Not only this, they are paying full attention to their children too.