करीना के ऐब्स देख डायटीशियन खुद को रोक नहीं पाई, खोल दिया सीक्रेट..

After pregnancy, getting fitness like pre pregnancy is always a challenge for women. But Kareena Kapoor has got her old work back only 17 months after the birth of Timur. Rather than looking even better than before. On Tuesday, Kareena Kapoor reached the music launch event of the upcoming movie 'Veer The Wedding'. Kareena looked very glamorous at the end of the black-colored short-top and skirt with a over coat. His abs were also visible. So what is the secret of their fitness? Kareena is eating nowadays? What is his diet plan? This secret is opened by their dietician

Kareena's Dietician, Rujuta Divekar shared a photo on Instagram and wrote: - Kareena is preparing an Abus by eating the casserole. Rujuta did not stop here, he said that the girls who eat rice at night are happy. This shocking thing is because whenever anyone wants to loose weight, first of all, it is instructed to leave rice, but in case of Kareena, something is going upside down.