सोनम कपूर ने दोबारा किया अपने नाम में बदलाव

Actress Sonam Kapoor soon after marriage, Sonam Kapoor had changed his name on social media. But on the occasion of Sanjay Jumani's celebration of celebrity neurologist, Sonam has changed his name again and now he has made his name 'Sonam Ahuja'. Jumani told on the suggestion of making a change in Sonam that after joining Ahuja in Sonam Kapoor's name, it has added 5 points. Because of this, they can be up and down in their life. 5 is the number of Mercury, which brings stability in the person's life. For this reason the bailiff has advised Sonam to change his name.

Sanjay Zumani told that the new name will come in the personal and professional life of Sonam and they will get success. Jumani told that the new name is connected to 9 digits, which is from Mars. This is also beneficial for their Hussband because their birth date is July 30. He said that the professional life of Sonam will make a lot of luck in the house. Because of the goodwill of Husband, his career will move further.