शाहरुख बोले ऐसा...सभी को कुत्ते की मौत मरना है

A funny video of Shahrukh Khan being viral on social media. This video is part of the 2015 Filmfare Award Promo. The scene of a Prayer Meet has been made in the video, in which Panditji is giving a talk on death and Shahrukh is getting bored. In the meantime, Shahrukh Punditji's Mike draws and starts speaking in the manner of hosting the award show. They make fun of the Prayer Meat and say, "Everyone has to die of dog death." At the same time, Ranveer Singh sitting in front of the stage and the rest of the stars can be seen laughing at his joke.

 Shahrukh Khan is currently busy in the Indian Premier League (IPL). However, his team is out of the Knight Rider final of the Kolkata Knight Riders. Talking about films, he was last seen in 2017, when 'Anupka Sharma's Upozit' was seen in 'Harry Mate Sejal'. His upcoming movie is 'Zero'