क्रिस गेल पर फ़िदा है बॉलीवुड की यह खूबसूरत अभिनेत्री..

Both do so till Late Night, the party has two lovers who woo every Indian as a spectator in India - cricket and Bollywood and the sad thing is that the film industry and cricket are connected to each other. That's because there are so many relationships in cricket and Bollywood

On this stormy batsman, one of Bollywood's beautiful actresses has gone wrong. The name of this actress is 'Sneha Ullal'. Yes yes you understand right This is the same actress who is also known as Aishwarya Rai's Humshakal and which Bhai Jaan gets Bollywood entry According to the latest news, Sneha Ullal is the West Indies's stormy batsman Chris Gayle.

Sneha Ullal had said in the interview that 'my fans were very happy to see me with Chris Gayle. After the party, we both exchange phone numbers of each other. Sneha laughed further and said that 'I enjoyed playing with the West Indians players'. They especially praised Chris Gayle, which can be speculated that Sneha has been exposed on her personality.