इंडिया में एक्टिव हुआ ये जानलेवा वायरस, हेल्थ डिपार्टमेंट ने जारी किया अ...

Kozhikode of Kerala has killed 16 people with nipah virus. Many people are still at risk of it, treatment continues. Government Health Department has issued alerts regarding this dangerous virus. Now this virus spreads in Kerala. The possibility of growing it can not be ruled out. Before this, this virus was attacked in West Bengal in 2001 and 2007. During this 50 people were killed.

Dr. Manish Jain, General Physician, Bombay Hospital, says that this virus spreading from animals to humans is so dangerous that it can lead to the death of a person in a few days. When this virus enters the body then there are some signs on the body. If you identify these signs at the right time and take treatment, then the person's life can be saved. Also, if the people in this area are at risk of this virus then some precautions can be avoided.