भड़के सैफ ने करीना से कहा- जाओ कपड़े बदल कर आओ

Kareena Kapoor is currently in the promotion of her movie 'Veer The Wedding'. In film promotion Kareena is getting spots in stylish and bold outfits. During the promotion of the movie, Kareena's look is very much like the fans. But this hot look of Kareena did not like Husband Saif. Not only this, after seeing Kareena in black dress, Saif instructed him to change till the cloth. This was disclosed by Kareena herself during an interview.

A few days ago, Kareena Kapoor had reached the music launch event of 'Veera the Wedding'. During this time he wore a black color hot and glamorous dress.

- After the event, Kareena told in an interview that when she reached home after the music launch event, Saif saw them and said, 'What have you done this? Go get clothes come and go '. Kareena said that when she saw Saif a photo of the event, he said that this is a nice dress.