सोनम के रिसेप्शन में गुस्साए ऋषि कपूर,सलमान के पीछे सोहेल की वाइफ से हुआ...

Sonam Kapoor's wedding photos and videos were so laughable - joy, dance and fun, but now there are reports of pens between the stars in the reception. Actually, it is heard that there was a fight between Rishi Kapoor and Seema Khan, who arrived in the party

According to sources, the sage was upset that Salman did not meet him properly or behaved properly in the party. Salman stayed busy energizing the party and fiercely singing-dancing. When Rishi talked to Salman Khan's sister-in-law (Sohail Khan's Wife), he got upset and also complained about Salman. Border on this issue and they got dispute. Rishi left the party and went away Rishi had reached the party with Neetu Kapoor. Here, his son Ranbir Kapoor came with Alia Bhatt in the party. Later, the border also told Salman about the controversy between Rishi Kapoor and him which made him quite upset.