सोहैल की वाइफ से ऋषि के झगड़े के बाद नीतू ने किया ऐसा..

Rishi Kapoor, who arrived with Wife Neetu in Sonam Kapoor's Wedding Reception, had a fight with Salman's brother Sohail Khan's wife. According to reports, Nitu Kapoor has apologized to Sohail Khan after considering the mistake of Rishi Kapoor after this whole case. Please tell that Khan family is unhappy since this incident

According to sources, Rishi Kapoor was upset that Salman did not meet him properly or behave well with him in the party. Salman stayed busy in the wedding and continued singing and dancing with Shahrukh and others. After this, Rishi Kapoor talked to Sohail's Wife border in this case, then both of them got into a dispute. Later, the border also told Salman about the controversy between Rishi Kapoor and him which made him quite upset.