चॉकलेटी ब्वॉय की इमेज से बाहर आने टीवी एक्टर ने किया ट्रांसफॉर्मेशन

Rohan Mehra, who plays the role of the map in the TV show 'This relation is called', is getting a lot of change in the look. Rohan has done his body transformation. Reports say that they have done this to come out of the image of Transforming Chocolaty Boy. During an interview, Rohan said, "So far, I was getting the offer of a chocolate boy roll. As an actor, I want to see myself in every role

Rohan has also been a contender of reality show 'Big Boss'.

- Rohan said, 'I am living in the gym daily, I have left the meeting with friends too. Keeping the fitness in mind, I am eating boiled vegetables and eggs.

- Rohan shares his many photos on the Instagram with sweat in the gym.

- Rohan currently does not have any show offer.