ये हैं हमारे बाबू राव की संघर्ष की कहानी...

On the big screen is King Paresh Rawal's birthday today on the comedy. Paresh Rawal recently commented on Arundhati Roy, after which he was being trolled most on social media. Parveh Rawal was recognized as a villain in Bollywood but not comedy.

After doing several films as villain, he entered the comedy. Paresh Rawal, born in Mumbai on May 30, 1950, wanted to become a civil engineer, in those days he was struggling hard to get a job, but it is not about everyone's bus to stay in the place he is currently in. Paresh's marriage took place in 1979 with the formation of Miss India form, with two children being Aditya and Aniruddha.

Well, actor Paresh Rawal has thousands of fans all over the world today. King Paresh Rawal of Comedy has played the role of villain in many films.

Actor Paresh Rawal has also made several major awards in his name. Paresh Rawal started his career with the 1984 movie "Holi" in which he played the role of supporting actor.