झाड़ू लेकर संगीत की धुन पर डांस करने का बनाया अनोखा रिकॉर्ड

All India Kutch Kadva Patidar Samaj organized the Dashadbhi Mahotsav of SUV International School in Kamraj Valthan village. In this, thousands of people participated in 21 races across the country. In this festival 800 children above 5 years participated. For the first time, after a cleanliness campaign, a dance routine of music was danced in the Guinness Book of Records

More than 40 thousand people from across the country joined the program to make Knowledge Carnaval and Dashadi Mahotsav successful. Apart from youth festivals, education and talent, apart from sporting committees too many events were organized. 250 students of this institution had auditioned in this program, out of which only 40 studios were selected. For the first time at the festival, 800 students together in a white dress code broom in the group and dance to the group. This led to the Prime Minister's cleanliness campaign. The Judge who came from London in this world record had recorded this 5-minute record.