अगर आप भी पहनते ते हे बिना मोज़े के जूते, तो हो जाए सावधान, जानिए सच्चाई

The trend of not wearing socks under shoes is becoming more viral in the Yaw generation today. From Bollywood actors to Hollywood, celebrities have set this trend due to fashion, which is being copied today by ordinary people worldwide.

Skin Disease Emma Stephenson says that males in the age group of 18 to 25 years have increased the risk of various types of skin related diseases in men because of wearing socks and bad fitting shoes.

Usually, 300 ml sweat gets out in one day. The risk of fungal infection increases due to heat and moisture due to heat. Emma said that excessive sweating and moisture in the feet may be very bad.

He told about a person who used to wash the car, due to which his feet remained moist all the time so that he got a fungal infection and after a few months of treatment, he was completely cured.