भयंकर जाम से निकलने वाली एंबुलेंस, अब जाम नहीं लेगा जान

This service will be available for 24 hours people to serve patients to the hospital. Mumbai's Lodha Foundation Charitable Trust has dedicated this ambulance service to the public on May 1.

Founder of Lodha Foundation, Mangal Prabhat Lodha is also associated with a party. He said that this ambulance has been prepared due to the problem of jam. It will be ready in the service of the people, no fee will be taken from the people.

In this bike ambulance all facilities like car ambulances are present, the facility of oxygen cylinder and stretcher for medical kit has also been given. In the emergency situation, the doctor can also be placed on the bike. Earlier, Karimul Haq of West Bengal had changed his bike in an ambulance in the same way. He saved many lives from his bike