सचिन और धोनी प्रसंशक को लगाते है गले लेकिन कल रात कोहली ने जो किया सब रह...

So far, only two players from Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni have seen so many fans who do not leave the opportunity to touch their feet on the field.

The sight was seen on Saturday when Ferozeshah broke the viewer's security circle on the Kotla ground and reached the crease to get the blessing of the Indian captain. This incident took place in the fifth over of the Royal Challengers Bangalore innings when an audience reached the ground by trapping the guardrail and the security personnel could understand something. Then he reached near the stand at the non striking end. At the same time, they started touching their legs.

This viewer fell in front of Kohli. He also tried to take selfies with the captain of Royal Challenger Bangalore before the security personnel reached. But the security personnel rushed to him. Kohli was quite surprised by this statement.