धोनी ने बताई वजह क्यों वो आखिरी गेंद पर छक्का लगाकर मैच जिताते हैं

If you talk about the matches of IPL 11, then this season's league has ended. The eyes of all the fans are now pointing out that which team will take on this season of IPL this series.

Now in an interview when Dhoni was asked that he would win the match for his team six times in the last ball. Replying to this, he said that in the last time of the match the opposition team is trying,

In such a way that we can make runs, the team needs quick wins and more runs. In such a way, winning the match by playing the top shot is the right option.

Significantly, in this season, Dhoni has scored 446 runs in 14 matches and three half-centuries have been scored.