प्रिंस हैरी और मेगन की शादी में एकदम अंग्रेजी मेम लग रहीं प्रियंका चोपड़ा

 Priyanka Chopra is doing the Royal Wedding Attending Prince Harry and Megan Merkel, the granddaughters of Queen Elizabeth. Megan's close friend Priyanka going to be a bride was upset about her wedding look fascinator but now her first look has come out.

Priyanka was very upset about what she wore last, in which fascinator could carry. And most importantly, what is that fascinator? Because he had never worn a fascinator before.

- They were upset to the extent that they did not just google for this look but rather Prior to reaching the UK, Priyanka went to Philip Tracy's store. Which is a big fashion designer's store where different fascinators meet.