अपने 9 साल पुराने इस प्यार को वापिस ला रही है एकता कपूर

For your information, tell that the show is about to knock on the small screen shortly. Apart from this, Ekta Kapoor has recently shared a picture with Karan Johar and has also revealed in front of everyone that he will be happy to make a serial version of Gum sometime soon.

Ekta Kapoor also wrote that she is bringing her most successful love back after nine years. Well, for your information, let me tell you that the unity sign was not on someone else's side but it was on the side of your upcoming serial criterion. The first season that has passed has been almost nine years. Tell that the unity is very happy with the return of this show and formally announces the start of it.

This show has not only given Ekta Kapoor but also a number of TV artists.