ये है दुनिया एकमात्र बल्लेबाज जिसने लगातार 9 गेंदों पर 9 छक्के लगाए

In fact, you have seen so many players in the game world that have shown their acting in showing the magic of your bat, you must have heard the name of Herschelle Gibbs, who is the most famous South African player, he has spin in ODI cricket. Six sixes were bowled for 6 balls against the bowler, while on the other hand, Indian team's Siksar King Yuvraj Singh, England's bowler Stuart Broad During the T-20 Cricket World Cup against D, he has recorded his record of six sixes in six balls.

For your information, please tell us that the giant player we are talking about today has worked to create a historic record of setting nine hundred sixes in nine balls. Let us tell you that what we are talking about today, he has not been any other but rather blessed.

Riddhiman Saha has created a record which is like a teddy bear for any player to break. They also put a record of making 102 runs in 20 balls and surprised the people.