67 साल की उम्र में इस मशहूर एक्टर का हुआ निधन, सदमें में फिल्म जगत

There is a very bad news related to the film industry once again. The news is the casual death of a famous actor. According to the information received, it is being told that on Wednesday 23rd May this famous actor has died. The reason for death is being reported as cardiac arrest

The actor who is talking about the death of the actor here is a famous face of Malayalam film industry, Vijayan Peringogode. The sudden death of 67-year-old Vijayan Perrin Gode has definitely given a big blow to the film industry. Vijayan Perrin Gode had become a well-known face of Malayalam films. He showed his mastery of acting in a number of hit movies, but not one. It is said that during his entire film tour, Vijayan Perrin Gode had worked in about 40 films.